Saturday, April 16, 2005

The adventure continues...

After reinstalling red hat a couple of times and trying out Suse I have finally managed to get Monodevelop running on Linux. This time round I used the Monoppix distro.

Monoppix = Mono + Knoppix (the LiveCD thing...)

I must appreciate Marks efforts for putting up the demos for Monoppix which give you an idea about running Mono on Monoppix

Also appreciable are the effort put in by the guys who ported .NET to Linux but to be frank I was a bit disappointed too. I could not create a windows app on Linux as I would normally do on a windows system. But then I guess I am asking a bit too much..

To create a Windows forms application we need to use a GTKSharp project in MonoDevelop which is different from creating one using the System.Windows.Forms namespace in Windows. Also there is still work to be done on intellisense and other IDE features.

I will be testing some of my compiled .NET projects on Mono (The non-windows forms libraries) and will get back with the results..